Caution! Rage Volcano About To Erupt

To be honest I’m fearful of my anger. I’ve been such a calm person my entire life. That I’m worried my anger just builds up more and more all the time. I know for sure my anger will come from my dad in this game of genes. Kinda fitting considering the anger I have is for my dad as well. 

Sometimes I hear songs that are so angry and it feels good to scream them out while I’m driving alone. The amount of relief I get from that is concerning. 

I’ve always released my emotions through crying and crying often. Difference now though is I don’t cry as much as I use too. It’s mostly been since I started counselling and beginning to understand why I do certain things. I’m not quite sure that not crying is really all that good for me because now… I’m not releasing that anger at all. We all mask certain emotions that were afraid of and anger is that one for me. 



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