Happiness is a choice

It’s crazy that just nearly a week ago I was feeling so confused and depressed. Yet today and the past few days I am feeling confident, happy, excited! I feel strongly in my own situation that “happiness is a choice.” I understand that this is a different story for mental illness’ that’s why I’m very specific on it portraying purely to my life and situations. I know that I wake up in the morning and choose my mood for the day. How I want to act and react to all the things thrown my way as I get myself out of bed. 
There’s so many ways for me to choose my happiness.

Mental Health

 I know that by not making a counselling appointment and putting it off that I am also putting off my happiness. Attending my counselling session and working on my mental wellness is something that makes me happy now and in the long run. 

Physical Health

I’m also very aware of how exercise makes me feel. Whether that be hardcore workout or just going for a stroll along the dyke. These things use energy but also provide me with energy and motivation after the fact. By not providing myself with at least 30 minutes of body moving activity I’m putting off my happiness yet again. 

Self Care • 

This is one I find myself putting off time and time again. I don’t give myself enough time alone. Which is something I find important in self care. Just reading a book or listening to music. Simple activities that provide me self understanding and relaxation. I tend to book myself solid with work and friends that I don’t even get enough sleep. Although spending time with these people makes me happy I also need to put into perspective how much time I’m spending by myself. I think it’s so healthy to be comfortable spending time alone. 


2 thoughts on “Happiness is a choice

  1. I love this! You described perfectly the different aspects to achieving and holding on to happiness, especially the importance of self care. I too have been struggling to find happiness in my life, and have days where I feel depressed and worthless. This really opened my eyes to how I need to take responsibility for my sadness and take the necessary steps to convert it into happiness. Great post, stay strong! X

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