Thank you 

Thank you for letting me down easy. I have spent so much time hoping for our friendship again. Hoping that we can go back to old us. The truth is we can’t. And you’re right maybe after all of this were just better off this way. I appreciate all the time we did spend together. All I have learned from you. All the pieces of me that I developed through our friendship. I will always care. 

But I haven’t been grateful enough of the people I do have in my life. So here’s to them and all the great things they bring to my life. 

Stephanie, my beautiful friend. You have been my biggest support. You never let your own bias get in the way of what I want. You have always been such a positive person in my life. For that I am so thankful to have you in my life. 

Alex, the man I have learned the most from. You know me better than  almost anyone. Even after months apart I still can talk to you about anything and everything. I appreciate you always being open to my weirdness. I will never grow bored of driving down a dark road with you in my passenger seat & the newest playlist coming through my speakers. 

Alison, my oldest friend. You’re the most honest, caring, & loving soul I’ve ever met. You tell me the hard truth when you know I need it but still stand by me in my decisions. I’ve never felt safer knowing that you’re just a call or text away and you’d always be there. 

I love you all. I am so lucky to have these similar but very different people in my life. My homework for myself is to tell the ones I love that I appreciate them.. and why I appreciate them. 


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