Quick thoughts about my relationship anxiety 

I wish I could stop all my anxiety & over thinking. It makes me feel so needy. I constantly need reassurance because I don’t feel good enough. The worst part is I was working so hard on that with my counsellor. Then what? I stopped going because I was in a terrible relationship. That just made my overthinking, anxiety, & self consciousness worse. 

I’ve met this incredible guy. There’s one problem… he’s not the greatest at expressing his emotions. Which I’m fine with majority of the time… except when I start getting self doubts. When I start questioning things. Is he bored of me? Do I annoy him? I’m starting to seem too young to him. He honestly treats me so damn well. I’m too afraid to even open up about my anxiety with those things. Then I’ll seem even more young and immature. That’s the last thing my anxiety needs another reason to worry. 


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