10 things that make me happy

1• Aya

2• Music 🎶

Music makes me feel so many different emotions. I love that there’s always music to be discovered whether that be old or new.

3• Organization

It makes me feel so good when things are clean and organized. I love organizational things even if they’re unnecessary.

4• All animals

I work at a pet store in a management position. I get to see dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, reptiles, & fish on a regular basis. I just love animals and my job.

5• My boyfriend

So cliche but he makes me so damn happy. He always shows he cares by doing certain things. He puts up with my craziness. I have been a different person since I met him. I’m still me but the smile on my face has grown.

6• My family

7• Beautiful days!

8• Late night drives

Great music blasted, best friend in the passenger seat, & no destination in sight.

9• Singing 🎤

Singing along to my favourite songs make mes so happy. Singing with friends. Singing in the car. Singing in the shower. Singing anywhere anytime.

10• Seeing others happy


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