Sometimes I get so damn tired of driving 25 minutes to and from work because I had always been about 5 minutes away from work my entire life. Honestly though when I walk up the steps to our place and you open the door arms open and ready for a kiss it makes every second worth it. I’d drive hours just to wake up and fall asleep next to you for the rest of my life.

My goofball


I love….

In honour of our 1 year anniversary.. here’s this cute af post I had in my drafts from December 14th. When I was drunk as hell.

I’m sitting here across from you at the dining table. Little drunk on wine but all I can think about is how much I love you and all the things I love about you.

I love the way you get into things. As soon as you think of something you’re hooked and have to solve the problem. You’re literally doing this right now because your laptop isn’t what you thought it was going to be. I know that you’re totally searching up ways to fix it.
I love how you OCD about certain things, like pulling out the tape measure to make sure the coffee table is in the right place or your Xbox is centered on the shelf.
I love when you get excited about a game and you start humming the theme song and doing that little jig you do.
I love all the nerdy things you love.
I love how you get excited about something and want to tell me all about it even though I never understand.
I love how much you know about history and when you tell me all about it. Especially when it comes to watching movies like Captain America and telling me how it’s coincides.
I love when you get nervous and stare into your glass while twirling it around.

Valentines Day

Valentines day has become such a hallmark holiday. It use to matter to me because it was so rare to feel the love from a significant other and I felt I needed it via presents, chocolates, love letters. This time around it’s a whole lot different. Every single day this man shows me he loves me. Even it isn’t by saying those three words. Slight touch of my back or grabbing my hand and giving it a slight squeeze. He sneaks into the bathroom when I’m showering to leave a glass of wine waiting for me. He listens when I tell him something I want to buy myself but probably never will then goes out and surprises me with it. He just is so caring, unconditional, strong, loving, understanding, and thoughtful. So we didn’t even bother celebrating Valentines because we both agreed it’s just another day. We should be showing our significant others we love them all year long.

Happy Writers block

I have nothing to blog about anymore. It use to be so easy to sit down and blow my feelings up on the keyboard. It’s different now because I am legit happy. It’s easier to write when you’re depressed, lonely, fearful, angry and so much more. That’s not to say I never feel these things because I do just not so extremely. In small aspects of my everyday life but nothing I can’t handle without blowing up with emotions.


Tipsy on a small bottle of wine while dancing across the kitchen floor at nearly 2 in the morning. Nothing better than having you teach me how to twirl into your arms. As if you don’t make my stomach twirl with butterflies on a daily basis. My cheeks, sore from how big my smile is this early morning. “You look wonderful tonight” you sing as you hold me close. One hand on my waist the other intertwined with my hand. The laughter followed by your sudden realization that I really do have two left feet. Time after time stepping on your feet.



Positivity always came pretty easy to me my whole life but for a while I lost the ability to pull out something positive from every situation. It all started coming down on me and I was finally all worn out. Not a positive thought in sight. Thank god that didn’t last long. Here I am back to myself again. Smiley as my boyfriends dad calls me. Always a smile on my face and a positive thought in my mind and heart. I use to cry almost once a day from the overwhelming feelings and thoughts inside of me. Now I cry because I’m so damn happy and I can’t believe this life is mine to live. Happiness looks good on you, girl.