The things we are accomplishing together. The things we are working towards. This relationship is taking us to bigger and better things everyday. I’m so excited for everything that our future holds. All this sappy bigger better talk just because we’re getting a new car.


Communication, Feelings, and cheesy love stuff.


Don’t ever hesitate to tell someone how you’re feeling especially if it’s something that is bothering you. Sure it could go wrong or it could go incredibly right. I get super nervous to express my emotions and feelings to my boyfriend every so often. I’ve always been an emotional person and very in touch with my feelings. He is totally opposite of me in that sense. I was feeling uneasy about expressing those emotions so I talked to him about it. He let me know he would always comfort me even though he gets uncomfortable in situations like that. We’ve also been kind of off lately with the terrible sleep we’ve had with this new bed. So the both of us constantly waking up sore leading to us both being grumpy. Luckily we switched that bed for something a little more fit for us. It’s been incredible and we’re both back to our goofy selves. He even mentioned that we haven’t cuddled like we use to in our older and also smaller bed. Then get your ass over here and touch me. I love this man more than my words will ever be able to express. He makes me laugh more than I’ve ever laughed in my life… except for that time I peed my pants while my best friend almost died on a treadmill. You can’t really beat that thought. He always works his hardest to put a smile on my face when I’ve had a bad day. He always thinks of the small things just like I do. He is stubborn, determined, confident, goofy, loving, intelligent, and so fucking nerdy. I love every flaw that boy has. I love that he lip syncs Celine Dion to me when we’re drunk. I love that he teaches me how to dance to cheesy romance music at 2am. I love that he always wants to eat cheese at midnight. I love when he rolls over in the middle of the night and pulls me into him. I love those strong shoulders and arms that protect me and make me feel at ease. Wow this is so sappy and cheesy it hurts. This would make him so uncomfortable but I know he fucking loves it.

Let the flowers grow

Normality is a paved road;
It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow
– Vincent Van Gogh

A few bad days mean nothing compared to all the great. I get down when it’s my time of month. My emotions hop in he drivers seat and take control.

These past few weeks have been so stressful at work. We’re short staff major time. I’m counting down the days until I have a full week off. I haven’t felt that way in a long time but I need a bit of a mental health break.

We’ve also had a lot of stuff going on with so many May birthdays, mothers day, my nana being homebound pretty much. A regular day off in the week hasn’t been a day to catch up on our own house stuff or just sit on the couch and do nothing.

Nothing has been normal lately but normal is not exciting or fun. So here’s to some relaxation coming my way REAL soon.

Have a beautiful Thursday everybody


Sometimes I get so damn tired of driving 25 minutes to and from work because I had always been about 5 minutes away from work my entire life. Honestly though when I walk up the steps to our place and you open the door arms open and ready for a kiss it makes every second worth it. I’d drive hours just to wake up and fall asleep next to you for the rest of my life.

My goofball

I love….

In honour of our 1 year anniversary.. here’s this cute af post I had in my drafts from December 14th. When I was drunk as hell.

I’m sitting here across from you at the dining table. Little drunk on wine but all I can think about is how much I love you and all the things I love about you.

I love the way you get into things. As soon as you think of something you’re hooked and have to solve the problem. You’re literally doing this right now because your laptop isn’t what you thought it was going to be. I know that you’re totally searching up ways to fix it.
I love how you OCD about certain things, like pulling out the tape measure to make sure the coffee table is in the right place or your Xbox is centered on the shelf.
I love when you get excited about a game and you start humming the theme song and doing that little jig you do.
I love all the nerdy things you love.
I love how you get excited about something and want to tell me all about it even though I never understand.
I love how much you know about history and when you tell me all about it. Especially when it comes to watching movies like Captain America and telling me how it’s coincides.
I love when you get nervous and stare into your glass while twirling it around.